Sunday, October 7, 2007

Free Video Conference - Its Ups and Downs

Technology has given humans so much convenience -- telephones, cellphones, Internet, video conference. Wait! Video conference does not sound any familiar to you? Video conference is that seemingly unrealistic stuff you see on movies with people talking to each other through a TV or a computer. Video conferencing is that technological tool that allows people to have nose-to-nose meetings when they're actually miles apart. Now, isn't that cool?

But you know what's cooler? A video conference offered without shelling out a single penny! Yes, one can avail of a free video conference. Companies have long been waiting for this means of communication. I mean, who would choose sending out an employee for an out of the country conference when the meeting could take place in the cyberspace, right? What more if this service could be acquired for free?

Free video conferences are perfect venues to hold assemblies, conduct interviews, address employees, present proposals, give lectures, and several more activities that companies need to carry out. Oftentimes, medical, educational, and legal fields utilize these free video conferences. Distance learning programs offer these free video conferences to better address the problems that students that avail of these programs may have and consequently provide solutions. Business departments also take advantage of these free video conferences to convey overviews of the market. Medical concerns like learning novel prescription drug benefits may also be addressed through this medium.

To make the most out of a free video conference, here are some indispensable suggestions:

  • 1. Focus yourself into the camera. Look directly into it.

  • 2. Communicate clearly by avoiding mumbling. Say your statements slowly and audibly.

  • 3. Don't make any unnecessary movements.

  • 4. Before responding, it is wise to pause for a while. This will give the participants ample time to catch up with the topic and absorb the ideas well.

  • 5. Pay enough attention to the conference goings-on to avoid having to make people repeat themselves.

A free video conference does not mean that you can just do anything that pleases you during the meeting. Maximizing a free video conference relies on the etiquette you personally adhere to.

A word of precaution in using free video conference is that some dilemmas may arise. Expect poor resolution with freewares and when using webcams. Frame rate can suffer too. During exchanges, delays of a few seconds may also happen.

If you prefer to steer clear of those mentioned setbacks of a free video conference, you may opt to use the following types of video conferences.

There are three methods to set up a video conference. 1) The computer-based system that is considered the cheapest type uses a webcam and a free video conference software. This type is considered only good for a person-to-person conferencing because of the limitation with the field of vision. 2) A desktop system is a kind of video conference, which is more innovated than the computer-based system. The hardware installations on the computer make audio and video transmission aspect of the video conference a lot better. It's preferred when dealing with small groups. 3) The studio-based system is the best form of video conference but it comes with a hefty price tag. This consists of a room fully-furnished with control systems, overhead cameras, vision switchers, document viewers, and slide viewers. Universities and enormous companies use this kind of video conference.

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